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Hanwha E&C has been actively serving as a full-service engineering and construction company since its establishment in 1962, by engaging in the development, design, construction and management of numerous projects. Today, Hanwha E&C is one of Koreas leading engineering and construction companies with a long track record of successful projects and impressive construction and engineering technology.

In each of the past 5 years, Hanwha E&C has recorded an astonishing 22% average growth in contracts won and a 23% growth in total revenues. Owing in large part to these recent performances, in 2008, Hanwha E&C joined the prestigious ranks of construction companies whose order values exceed KRW 4 trillion. Moreover, Hanwha E&C has successfully completed a number of high-profile infrastructure projects including the Daeduk Techno-valley, the privately-run Seoul Station and the Daegu cogeneration power plant. Additionally, thanks to the success of its high-end housing brand, Dream & Green, Hanwha E&C has emerged as a new powerhouse in the nations housing industry. And now, Hanwha E&C is once again at the center of attention with its Hanwha Dream & Green World Incheon/EcoMetro, the nations first ocean front housing project comprised of 12,000 residential units to be built on an area spanning 2,380,000.

For the very first time in Korea, Hanwha E&C had been designated as both the developer and business operator for a water treatment program in a privately-run environmental project based on a Public-Private Partnership. Through its newly developed technologies including the Hanwha Dynamic Flow process (HDF process) and Dynamic Flow-Membrane Bioreactor with sludge reduction (DF-MBR process), Hanwha E&C has earned a series of additional designations for projects in Gunpo, Hwasung and Paju, catapulting itself into a leadership position in the nations environmental business.

Hanwha has also secured a substantial competitiveness in plant construction by specializing in the IPP(Independent Power Producer) market as well as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for coal-based cogeneration power plants.

Hanwha E&C is rapidly moving forward in becoming a global development & engineering construction (Global D&EC) company by actively expanding its businesses in Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa and the CIS.

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Hanwha E&C Profile

Date of Establishment
July 2002
Presidents & CEOs
Seung Youn Kim, Hyun Chung Kim, Keun Po Lee
Major Businesses
Civil Engineering, Housing Construction, Industrial Facilities
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